Thursday, March 19, 2009

11 years ago: Speed Garage

Lately, i've been thinking about the music that was played eleven years ago: Speed Garage. This hype swapped over the channel to Europe in 1998.

I remember the first tracks i heared. It was Armand van Helden's Remix of Tori Amos' track Professional Widow and Sneaker Pimps' Spin Spin Sugar. Followed soon by Todd Terry's Something Goin' on, Lisa Stansfield's The Line or, one of my favourites, Gisele Jackson's Love Commandments, of course talkin' about the Remixes from Loop da Loop. Some other great tunes, i still love them, are De'Lacy's Hideaway, Gunman from 187 Lockdown and Sound Bwoy Burial from Gant. Les Indiscretes (moniker of Olav Basoski) did some decent tunes too, another oustanding track for me is A vs B - Ripped in 2 Minutes.

A track that i strongly recommend and still love to play is: The Funk Junkeez (a moniker of Roger Sanchez) with Got Funk? (Heavy on da Bass Mix). Check it out!

Update May 2009: I finally did a Speed Garage Classics Mix, grab it now!

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TheScientist said...

Great post and great speed garage mix you put together. All top tunes and many that I should have heard at the time (heard all the Armand mixes of course). Roger Sanchez is the Funk Junkeez? Wow. Glad I'm not the only one who loves that track.