Monday, June 16, 2014

Discotizer - Last Romantic (incl. Thomas Brown Remix)

Folks, i'm pretty excited about my latest release Last Romantic on ReVinyl Recordings - out now exclusive on Traxsource!

The funky & soulful disco track comes with 2 original cuts from me and a stunning remix by Thomas Brown. While the Classic Club Mix fits perfectly for the prime time dancefloor action, Thomas delivers a foot stompin' french styled remix with heavy disco strings.
The third mix is called the Back to 1977 Mix - a slower nu disco cut of the track at 120 bpm inspired by the original sound of the late 70s.

Chose your favorite now. You can take a liste here on Soundcloud and the full release is available at Traxsource.

Discotizer - Last Romantic

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The History of the UK Garage Family Tree

As you might know i am a big fan and lover of the UK Garage / Speed Garage sound of the late 90s. I just stumpled upon a great blog post that describes the evolution of the sound from the late 80s until today.

And the sound is always coming back... :-) Check it out: The History of the UK Garage Family Tree

If you haven't listened to my "Alltime Classics" Speed Garage Mix with over 10.000 plays now, here it is again for you...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jackin & Disco House charts May 2014

Hi folks,

in case you are wondering what tracks are hot right now for me and what i'm playing in my sets, check out my DJ Chart for may 2014 on Traxsource:

btw... Most of these track got featured in our weekly radio show Our House is Disco - broadcasted on 5 web radio station atm.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

2 Jahre Prohibitionsparty Special mit The Teaserettes

Die grandiose Partyreihe "Prohibitionparty" feiert am 24. Mai ihren 2. Geburtstag und veranstaltet dies im wundervollen Tsunami Club in der Kölner Südstadt. Und das darüber hinaus jetzt regelmäßig an jedem 4. Samstag eines ungeraden Monats (im Juli Sommerpause)!

Swing, Elektroswing und Burlesque Show mit Party bis in die frühen Morgenstunden. Tobt Euch kostümmäßig gern aus und bringt Euren besten Vintage Chic mit. Lasst den Zylinder, die Hosenträger oder Federboa nicht zu Hause, hübscht Euch auf und versucht Euch in ner Wasserwelle. All dies lässt unsere Party zu einer unvergesslichen Zeitreise werden...

Diesmal zu Gast, die Berliner Comedy Burlesquegruppe "the teaserettes", die Euch an diesem Abend neben der Kölner Gastgeberin und Burlesque Künstlerin Jenny Starshine auf der Bühne verzaubern werden!

On Stage:

  • Cheetah Bang Bang 
  • Cherry Temple
  • Larsi
  • Dick cremant
  • Sandy Beach
  • Jenny Starshine
An den Plattentellern, die Co Hosts DJ Discotizer und DJ Yak

Moderation: Sandy Beach Burlesque Berlin

Candy-Girl: Emily La Rose

Shows etwa ab 23 Uhr!

☆ An addictive Blend of Classic and Neoswing, Swinghouse & Electroswing mixed by Discotizer & Yak ☆

Alle Infos auf der Veranstaltungsseite