Monday, June 22, 2009

Soulful House Vol. 4 - Orchestral-House Special

Okay, i know what you guys are after and why you keep coming back:
Here is for you a very special Soulful House Mix: Orchestral-House at its best!

But lets go back: Disco Orchestration evolved during the late 70s disco era, the most popular formation was the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, their sound got known as Philly Soul.
While the philly sound was more funky other orchestras like the New Yorkan or the Los Angeles Orchestra supported many uptempo disco bands.

You've sure heared the sounds of the Salsoul Orchestra or First Choice. Well, this sound harmonizes extremly well with house music and one of the greatest producer in the last years is DJ Meme. He combines the orchestral sound with house elements, building outstanding and timeless house music songs.

So i did a selection of the greatest Orchestral-House songs, all in one mix! This one is for your romantic moments, it lifts you up and shows you the bright side of music. Be sure you check this out!

1. DJ Meme Orchestra feat. Rachel Claudio - Any Love (Dimitri From Paris Classic Disco Mix Vocal)
2. Kings Of Groove feat. Michelle Weeks - You Have A Purpose (Original Mix)
3. Rawsoul Orchestra feat. Sibylle - Super Lover (Original Mix)
4. Groove Junkies feat. Diane Carter - Dr. Feelgood (DJ Meme's Philly Suite Mix)
5. Juliana Aquino - I Never Knew Love (Dj Meme Club Mix)
6. Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause (DJ Meme Philly Suite Mix)
7. Marquito - Around Love (Original)
8. Ralphski feat. Kristie - Keep Me Awake (DJ Meme Club Mix)
9. Panevino feat. Charles Dockins - The Best Of Me (DJ Meme Philly Flavour Mix)
10. Davidson Ospina feat. Henderson - I Want It (DJ Meme Club Remix)
11. Santi Touch - Eve Never Knew (DJ Meme Vocal Club Mix)
12. Panevino - Freeze The Frame (Original Mix)

Length: 78:48 Min. @ 126 bpm // 192 kBit

Download Mix @ Soundcloud:

You also may want to check out an interesting interview with DJ Meme from April 2009 while his visit in Moscow.
There's also a video of his gig, done by DJ Soulmate of summerfondue. Have fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Free Mixes Hosting @

I want to show you today a great DJ community that i found, where you can upload your mixes for free! The site is specialized on house music, there are many sub-genres where you can put your music into, but there's space for other other genres, too, like Techo, Trance or Drum 'n Bass.

The community functions are great, it reminds me a bit of and older facebook version ;) You can set your own status, check out what other people are doing right now, you can create your own profile and upload or link to as many mixes as you like. You can rate other peoples mixes, comment them and add them as a friend. A forum and blog is also present.

Check out my profile on One of the best things is you can put a jukebox on your site and feature all your mixes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music Horizons: Burlak & Kassy in the Mix

Listen up folks and free some time this sunday evening: My soulmate Burlak and his friend Kassy from Varna (BG) will play live on Sunday, June 21. in the Music Horizons Show on Vibes Radio Station some fresh house music. Just the finest 'Soulfunkful' music, that's Burlak's definition of his style ;-)

The show begins at 8 p.m. origin time, so this will be 19:00h for Western Europe (Berlin, Paris) and 18:00h for UK. Don't miss it. Click here to listen to the show.

Update: Get the 2nd hour with amazing house stompers from Burlak here!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disco - Le Film (2008)

If you like classic 70s disco music, shiny disco balls, afro heads, funky moves and bell-bottoms ... i got a hot movie tip for ya: Disco - Le Film, a french production from 2008.

Of course, the story is quite simple but the actors (with Gérard Depardieu) and the dancing scenes are great and so is the film worth watching!

It features not only 70s disco music from Boney M. und Eartha Kitt but also some fresh tunes from
Cerrone (Laisser toucher).

Check it out, here's a funny trailer:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Revisited House Chapter 4 - Disco-House Classics

Fresh out of the mixer comes the Revisited House Chapter 4, it's Disco time, Baby!

Here are some of the very best primetime Disco-House tracks from 1998 - 2000, only crackers - no fillers! There's nothing more to say than:
"Disco Lights are flashing, everyone is dressed in the latest fashion."

Check this mix out and catch the original disco feeling from back in the days, feel the love and the vibes of the late 70s.

Pay attention to the last track from Pascal & Mister Day on the label "Glasgow Underground", it's a very hard to find record!

1. Lost 'n Alive - Everything I Play (Original Version)
2. P1 Allstars - Give Me Love (Lost 'n Alive Remix)
3. Chocolate Milk - Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover (Guido's Funky Mix)
4. Chocolate Milk - Disco Lights (Levent's Original Funk-O-Rama Mix)
5. Lost 'n Alive - Disco Baby (Original Version)
6. Lady Plus feat. Discotexx - Got To Love Somebody '99 (Remix)
7. Funky Frosties - The Phonk (Stylish Mix)
8. Reportoire - Hold On (Club Vocal)
9. Deaf 'n Dumb Crew - Tonite (Richie Richie's Remix)
10. Stone & Heller - San Francisco '99 (Lady Plus Remix)
11. Discotexx - Hot Cops (Original Mix)
12. Milk & Sugar - Music & Lights (Milk & Sugar Remix)
13. Kiez Kidz - Jam Jam Jam (Wackside's Tweaker Mix)
14. Weird Science - Feel The Need (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
15. Pascal & Mister Day - It's A Disco Night (Vocal Mix)

Length: 79:42 Min. @ 126 bpm // 192 kBit

Download Mix @ Mediafire or Megaupload

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Party-Review: HedKandi Cologne Opening Party

The long awaited HedKandi Cologne Party took place last weekend, but to say it in few words: Nothing for real house music lovers!

Ok, the location was great, also the decoration was. Jamie played some nice (commercial) uplifting house tunes in the first two hours. But after midnight the music changed and Jamie and Wez played tunes you've heared over and over again. Mainstream Tech- and Electro-House, nothing fresh, innovative or special, maybe two good tracks per hour. I saw some other people being frustrated from this same old sound you hear in Cologne for years now.

Let's hope it's gonna be better the next parties! More funky and soulful, bringing us the real HedKandi feeling from UK and not trying to fit into the contemporary german music.

Check out the HedKandi party pics.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lounge House Vol. 3 (Latin Lounge House)

Here we go again with a laid-back and soulful latin-flavoured Mix, the Lounge House Volume 3.

This Mix is peppered with many high addictive tracks you won't get out of your head for some time.
I did a test-drive with this mix while i was on holiday in sicily, it fits perfectly with summer, beach and cocktails!

Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix of Portuguese Love is a masterpiece of Latin House Music, perfectly composed and arranged. My favourite one here is Alix Alvarez' Mix of Minimoogli's 99,9 - it's a real stomper.

Make sure you don't miss this one!

1. The Latin Project - Lei Lo Lai (Jez Colin Remix)
2. Sasha Alazy feat. Mel - In My Mind (Afro Soul Mix)
3. Tiefschwarz feat. Joy Denalane - Music (Latin Extended)
4. Junior Jack - E Samba (Rasmus Faber's Cancao Danega Club Mix)
5. Claude Monnet pres. Monica Noguqira - Ken Goes Brazil Part 1 (Latin Vibe Mix)
6. Jaqueline Castellanos - Yara Yara (Kikos Spiritual Mix)
7. Saxsymbol feat. Lex Empress - Samba De Liberdade (Original Mix)
8. Relight Orchestra - Ziko (Club Extended)
9. Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You (Bugzintheattic Funkee House Mix)
10. Minimoogli - 99,9 (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Remix)
11. Bah Samba - Portuguese Love (Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix)
12. Tom & Joyce Hoze - Queixume (Jamie Lewis Vox Edit)

Length: 78:20 Min. @ 124 bpm // 192 kBit

Download Mix @ Soundcloud:

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