Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My House Music Mixes / Vacation

Ok, lets take a look: I've started this blog half a year ago, released 22 mixes so far with nearly 10 downloads a day just from the blog! I've received many many great comments and feedback for my mixes from people all over the world.
I've reached pagerank 3 on Google, great positions in the search results and have started my own fanpage on Facebook.

This have been really great six months so far. Ok, now i'm going on vacation to visit my hometown Varna for two weeks and now i wanna give you a brief overview of my mixes. Take a look and if you haven't heared some mixes that looks interesting to you, go ahead and do so ;)

Funky / Soulful House:
Soulful House Vol. 1
Soulful House Vol. 2 - Funky and Soulful House
Soulful House Vol. 3 - Funky and Soulful House
Soulful House Vol. 4 - Orchestral-House Special
Soulful House Vol. 5 - Primetime Soul Stomper
Soulful House Vol. 6 - Funky and Soulful House
Summerfunk Vol. 1 - Funky House Mix

The Latin Hustle Vol. 1 - Latin-House Party Anthems
The Latin Hustle Vol. 2 - Latin-House Party Anthems

Latin Lounge House:
Lounge House Vol. 1 (Lounge and Soulful House)
Lounge House Vol. 2 (Latin-Lounge House)
Lounge House Vol. 3 (Latin Lounge House)
Lounge House Vol. 4 (Latin Lounge House)

House Classics:
Revisited House Chapter 1 - Funky and Soulful House
Revisited House Chapter 2 - Funky and Soulful House
Revisited House Chapter 3 - Peaktime House Classics
Revisited House Chapter 4 - Disco-House Classics
Revisited House Chapter 5 - Funkin' Fantasies
Speed Garage Classics (Bassline House)

Club / Tech-House / Electro:
Club and Tech-House Vol. 1
Club-House Vol. 2
Electro Express Vol. 1 (Electro-House)

Just click on a title to see the details of the mixes. See / read you in two weeks...


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