Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hed Kandi Re-Opening / Rasmus Faber Live

The Hed Kandi Party is taking its restart this Saturday, now at the Loom Club Cologne. We had two parties some months ago, but no other followed - no reason was given. I'm pretty excited this time as the new club is much better than the location before.

After that on sunday there will be a special guest Mix from the Fasmus Faber Orchestra which played live in Tokyo. You can listen to Ra Fa himself on the piano supported by the Orchestra which playes live percussions.

Make sure you don't miss the Music Horizons show. It's being aired on Vibes Radio Station at 8 pm Bulgarian time, which is 7 pm in Germany / France or 6 pm in England.

Meanwhile, some of my mixes are played and going to be played on some online radio stations. The feedback so far is fantastic. I'm glad that so many people like my style and my mixes. I'm gonna post some radio links and broadcasting times next time...

PS: You can expect another Revisited House Chapter soon, i've already selected choons from 1997. It's gonna be biiiiig ;-)

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Silvian said...

:(( I wish I could get there!!