Friday, June 18, 2010

The Beat Goes On... Mixes, Radio and Flattr

First, i wanna say THANKS for all the great feedback i've got over the last weeks and months. It's great to see that so many of you like what i'm doing. And it's exciting to see that i get feedback from every channel i use: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and communities like or Thank you also for linking me!

Okay, people still keep asking me for that special Mix you can found on my mate's blog Sweet Headache. It was also aired on my soulmate show Music Horizons and still IS aired on XtRadio.
So here is the link to Discotizer in the Mix - Whole Lotta Funk Vol. 1 - Have fun with that. Check the blog link above for the tracklist!

Being heared and recognized is what keeps you alive. So i am glad that many of my mixes are aired on some great Internet Radio Stations. I'm still searching for new ones - and - i'm thinking about making a regular radio show. What do you think about it?
So, please bookmark these stations and and check out the sites for airing dates!

And at least: I joined a new and exciting community: Flattr.
It's about giving something back to the people that are doing
all the work for us on the internet - from all over the world.
The idea is brilliant: You can define and amount of money you want to spend within a month (lets say 5 bucks). Then you choose the ones who should get a piece of this by clicking on a site's flattr icon. When you click on 20 different sites a month, everyone gets 25 cents.
It's as easy as facebook's "Like" Button!

I've decided to join and give you the chance to give something back. If you like what i am doing or the mixes you can get here, please feel free to contribute.
As my intention is NOT to make money with this blog, i will put ALL the money you give me into things like Internet Radio Shows or Music Hosting. As you may know, i'm already paying for some services like Soundcloud myself.
If you don't buy CD compilations any more because listening to mixes or radio this is your chance. I am buying the music i am bringing you ;-) Always keep that in mind and thank you!
Just click on the icon to contribute or to learn more about Flattr.

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artistonfire said...

As always - Great!
Really appreciate your superior musical-mixing-magic.