Sunday, August 1, 2010

Isaac Fresco - Foxtrot (Guesthouse US) [Swing-House]

I am not much into posting the lastest releases but there are a few records every year that are worth it. Like this: Isaac Fresco - Foxtrot.

Following the recent Swing-House style, Isaac Fresco goes even further mixing uptempo jacking beats with this addictive foxtrot melody.

On Guesthouse US - always a label you can count on - this release is available on August 2nd 2010 and features mixes by DJ Sneak, DJ Mes and Soydan. Go and get it now - it will also be definately in one of my next mixes!

Check out the preview:

Make sure you also check out DJ Marvis new Swing-House Mix Chairoplane on Sweet-Headache.


Jackin MC said...


nice homepage!
Keep Jackin'!

Woher kommst du aus Deutschland?

Kind Regards,
Jackin MC

Discotizer said...

Hey Jackin MC,

jawoll. Jackige Grüße aus Kölle!


Jackin MC said...

Ich add deine Seite mal zu meiner Blogroll ;)

Jackin House wächst immer weiter... Mainz, Paderborn, Berlin und Köln =)


Discotizer said...

Sauber, danke! Hab dich auch mal hinzugefügt.

Hoffen wir, daß es weiter aufwärts geht mit der Musik!