Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thomas Brown - Time To Party (with ReDisco & Discotizer Remixes)

Yes people, it's release time again!
I had the chance to do a remix for Thomas Brown's new track which i really love. It samples a 70s Disco party classic here so i had a lot of fun doing this track. Coming along with the Original Mix are two remixes from the italian remix team ReDisco.

Check it out folks. Release is 12/12/2013 exclusive on Traxsource and worldwide from 26/12/2013.


David said...

Love it! Appreciate what you're doing with your remixed and this blog. Far too little of this stuff getting attention these days, in my opinion.

Ntsako said...

Dope Track man. Its a pitty the good music doesnt get that mush recgmition as it should be be. Keep doing your thing

Ntsako said...

Dope track. Pitty such good music isnt receiving as much attention as it should