Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog success / Hercules DJ Console RMX

I am pretty amazed about the success of my blog! =:o) Within two months the blog got Pagerank 3 by Google, and wouldn't that be great enough, i got over 500 downloads of my mixes so far as well as great feedback on the music i am selecting.

I am still working on linking my blog on other sites and directories, lately i got many visitor though "Stumple Upon", great site! Please bookmark my blog where ever you like and visit it regularly ;-)

Yesterday i finally got my new mixer, the Hercules DJ Console RMX, it makes a lot of fun mixing and playing with it. But i am still unsure, if the Virtual DJ software is as good as Traktor or Final Scratch, regarding the sound quality. What do you think? Drop me a line...


TuXxL said...


I'm TuXxL from Univers DJ website (That Soulful Show blog).

In term of sound quality (on big systems) it depends on your soundcard first and also on the software you use.

VDJ is one of the worst in term of sound quality.

The best I have tried are Mixvibes, then Traktor using the Maya 44 USB card and the U46 MKII card.


Discotizer said...


thanks for your comment. I will check Traktor and that Mixvibes out!
I have a 24/96 soundcard, that should be okay ;) Only for live mixing in other locations i gotta get a better soundcard for my notebook...


Unknown said...

I just recieved the Hercuels DJ rmx console as a gift the other day. Seems like a great product. But before i open the box and begin to cause havoc i seem to be puzzled on weather or not i can use it in a fashion similar to serato. If i hook up my turntables to the rmx w/ blank vinyl will the virtual dj software recognize it in the same manner that serato does?

Discotizer said...

I can't tell you, because i don't know Serato. Try asking in the support forums of virtualdj:

But i think it should work with timecoded vinyls as well...