Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ADE 2009: Purple Music Night Party

Hey folks!
It's only 2 days til the Party of the Year, the Purple Music Night Party in Amsterdam, hold at the Amsterdam Dance Event. I'm already really excited, soo many great DJs and producers will be there to play some funky and soulful music :)
Look out for me there, and if you go there, why not drop me a line before?

Ok, meanwhile i had some troubles with my laptop i'm using for DJing, everything is fine now again, and i've selected already many tracks for the next mixes.
From now on there will be at least two Soulful House Mixes per month. So make sure you check back regularly or grab the RSS feed.

I'll be back after the party with a review and a new mix..... See ya!

Party review:
I just came back from the party and must say: THIS WAS GREAT!

The party in the main room went off when Anthony Romeno was behind the decks, after him played DJ Meme and the crowd went mad. Both played, of course, some of their tracks but this was what the people wanted.

After them the Master himself, Jamie Lewis played some great great stuff. At about 4 a.m. there were just about 100 people left and a bunch of 50 people stayed until the end with Alfredo Azzetto.

I hadn't much time to check the small room, but i guess Panevino did a good job there too. Oh yeah and the Souldynamic duo from italy was there too with some friends, thanks for the promo cd, guys ;)
Big shouts also to DJ Soulmate from Summerfondue! See you next year.

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