Sunday, May 17, 2009

Speed Garage Classics (Bassline House)

This is it, my masterpiece so far! Speed Garage Classics, Anthem Style.
If you like Bassline House or warped bases like in Electro-House, you gotta check this out.

This Mix contains the greatest Anthems of the Speed Garage genre from 1997-1999.
If you have missed this wonderful time or/and want to look retrospectively at the sound, grab this Mix.
I did this one, because i wasn't satisfied with any mix i've had heared before, either with the track selection or the mixing style.

As you can see, most of the tracks were produced by 187 Lockdown, Loop da Loop or Armand van Helden - everyone of them has its own style but they sound really good in combination.
I know that the first tracks are a bit off the genre, but they came out in this time and contain some distinctive Speed Garage elements.

1. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix)
2. Nuyorican Soul - Runaway (Mongoloids In Space)
3. CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand van Helden Remix)
4. Urban Funk - Ultrafunkula (White Label Remix)
5. 187 Lockdown - Kung-Fu (Original 187 Mix)
6. A vs B - Ripped in 2 Minutes (Original Mix)
7. De'lacy - Hideaway 1998 (187 Lockdown Hidden Vocal Dub)
8. Gant - Sound Bwoy Burial (187 Lockdown Remix)
9. Funk Junkeez - Got Funk (Heavy On Da Bass Mix)
10. Studio 2 - Travelling Man (12" Mix)
11. Lisa Stansfield - The Line (Loop da Loop Gangster House Mix)
12. Ze Express - I've Got To Run
13. Les Indiscretes - The Way
14. Todd Terry - Something Goin' On (Loop da Loop Uptown Mix)
15. Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments (Loop da Loop Vocal Mix)
16. 187 Lockdown - Gunman (Original Mix)
17. Adeva - Don't Think About It (187 Lockdown Mix)
18. Byron Stingily - Sing A Song (187 Lockdown Vocal Mix)
19. Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand Van Helden's Speed Garage Mix)

Playtime: 100 minutes of pure hustle. BPM varies from 128-132.

Download Mix @ Mediafire or Megaupload

Prelisten now:
Speed Garage Classics mixed by Discotizer by Discotizer

I found some Speed Garage forums you might want to check out:
Bassline House

I will also post some more links to other SG mixes later, here is a first one for 2Step & Garage Lovers.


Anonymous said...

Uh! I grow up on these tracks, all of them i know... Huh, tori amos and the others, gunman...jesus christ, i love this mix, thank youuuuuuuuuuu

Peace from Hungary

Anonymous said...

great mix!!! in my opinion first track is in 100% proper speed garage.

TheScientist said...

This just a fantastic mix, amazing set. Great remixing in comparison to those store bought comps that badly mix the trax early and add tons of filler.

PS don't sell yourself short as its 140 min!

Discotizer said...

Thanks for your comments.
Well actually it is just 1h40 minutes ;-)

The Scientist said...

lol sorry, ipod converted it to 1:40:00 and i did the math wrong. forget that comment. again a great mix that dosen't seem to have too short an attention span like some mixes.

You heard that Tuff Jam - Underground Frequencies? The first disc with the mixes are all 3 min each tracks so they hardly let a track simmer before they move on (a terrible mix session). That disc 2 on the ltd edition had a few of the speed garage full lengths but mostly it chronicles the uk move to 2-step and the start of their own Uk Garage.

Its interesting that Bassline came out nearly a full decade later to resurrect the speed garage sound. It's probably dead as a genre already but worth checking out if you haven't.

I'll have a speed garage list this week and link you. Thanks for the flashbacks to a great year (1997).

The Scientist said...

Here we go.

Hit me up with your email address if you want a copy of the basslines cd (unmixed tracks like my speed garage one). I'd be glad to get you a copy or get you on the private blog if you want.

Discotizer said...

@The Scientist:
I dont this certain comp. but i own many others and they are mostly all mixed like shit.
Its pretty annoying and this was one of the reasony for me to do a real good mix, which is worth to keep.
I got a lot of great response on this mix so far and i'm glad that there are still people out there remembering the tunes.

I'd really like to get a copy of the cd you mentioned, i'll get in touch with you on RYM.