Sunday, June 21, 2009

Free Mixes Hosting @

I want to show you today a great DJ community that i found, where you can upload your mixes for free! The site is specialized on house music, there are many sub-genres where you can put your music into, but there's space for other other genres, too, like Techo, Trance or Drum 'n Bass.

The community functions are great, it reminds me a bit of and older facebook version ;) You can set your own status, check out what other people are doing right now, you can create your own profile and upload or link to as many mixes as you like. You can rate other peoples mixes, comment them and add them as a friend. A forum and blog is also present.

Check out my profile on One of the best things is you can put a jukebox on your site and feature all your mixes.

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