Monday, June 8, 2009

Party-Review: HedKandi Cologne Opening Party

The long awaited HedKandi Cologne Party took place last weekend, but to say it in few words: Nothing for real house music lovers!

Ok, the location was great, also the decoration was. Jamie played some nice (commercial) uplifting house tunes in the first two hours. But after midnight the music changed and Jamie and Wez played tunes you've heared over and over again. Mainstream Tech- and Electro-House, nothing fresh, innovative or special, maybe two good tracks per hour. I saw some other people being frustrated from this same old sound you hear in Cologne for years now.

Let's hope it's gonna be better the next parties! More funky and soulful, bringing us the real HedKandi feeling from UK and not trying to fit into the contemporary german music.

Check out the HedKandi party pics.

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