Monday, June 22, 2009

Soulful House Vol. 4 - Orchestral-House Special

Okay, i know what you guys are after and why you keep coming back:
Here is for you a very special Soulful House Mix: Orchestral-House at its best!

But lets go back: Disco Orchestration evolved during the late 70s disco era, the most popular formation was the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, their sound got known as Philly Soul.
While the philly sound was more funky other orchestras like the New Yorkan or the Los Angeles Orchestra supported many uptempo disco bands.

You've sure heared the sounds of the Salsoul Orchestra or First Choice. Well, this sound harmonizes extremly well with house music and one of the greatest producer in the last years is DJ Meme. He combines the orchestral sound with house elements, building outstanding and timeless house music songs.

So i did a selection of the greatest Orchestral-House songs, all in one mix! This one is for your romantic moments, it lifts you up and shows you the bright side of music. Be sure you check this out!

1. DJ Meme Orchestra feat. Rachel Claudio - Any Love (Dimitri From Paris Classic Disco Mix Vocal)
2. Kings Of Groove feat. Michelle Weeks - You Have A Purpose (Original Mix)
3. Rawsoul Orchestra feat. Sibylle - Super Lover (Original Mix)
4. Groove Junkies feat. Diane Carter - Dr. Feelgood (DJ Meme's Philly Suite Mix)
5. Juliana Aquino - I Never Knew Love (Dj Meme Club Mix)
6. Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause (DJ Meme Philly Suite Mix)
7. Marquito - Around Love (Original)
8. Ralphski feat. Kristie - Keep Me Awake (DJ Meme Club Mix)
9. Panevino feat. Charles Dockins - The Best Of Me (DJ Meme Philly Flavour Mix)
10. Davidson Ospina feat. Henderson - I Want It (DJ Meme Club Remix)
11. Santi Touch - Eve Never Knew (DJ Meme Vocal Club Mix)
12. Panevino - Freeze The Frame (Original Mix)

Length: 78:48 Min. @ 126 bpm // 192 kBit

Download Mix @ Soundcloud:

You also may want to check out an interesting interview with DJ Meme from April 2009 while his visit in Moscow.
There's also a video of his gig, done by DJ Soulmate of summerfondue. Have fun!


DJ Soulmate said...

Rawsoul Orchestra - "Super Lover" - what a super awesome track from 2003!

Again, thanks for linking to me.

L said...

Just spectacular!!! Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks dude. Great work! keep the goodness coming.

Disconeverdie said...

Great!!! Really great... the best mix I've evere heard after DFP "A Night At The Playboy Mansion".
More in this beautiful Orchestral-Disco style please!!!

Discotizer said...

Hi Fabio!

Thanks for your kinds words. I'll try to compile another one like this in the next months!
Stay tuned :)

Delphin said...

wow, its incredible......